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Like my old column, but not

on December 2, 2011
Nope, I’m not going back to Key West the Newspaper (either as associate editor or columnist) now that publication has resumed. There’s really no scandal–I just changed my mind. But thank you so much for the kind words about the 4.5-year run of my column there. OH MY GOD you made me cry. And that’s why I’m attempting a blog.
We’ve been through a lot together in my column space, after all: divorce, marriage, birth, postpartum mania, postpartum depression (when does that end?), toddler antics, teenager-induced stress, school district junk, public figures’ antics, phone threats, parental guilt of all sorts, local creatures who live to make my skin crawl and/or to eat my children (cockroaches, scorpions, alligators, sharks, dogs), storage envy/basement nostalgia, buying and selling a house, rants from the Antichrist, small-town girl’s travel tales, and so much more.
So while I’ve broken up with all the other stuff, (read: Contact Dr. Dennis Reeves Cooper at 305-292-2108 with all your KWTN-related correspondence, story tips, questions, gripes, drunken rants, and advertising dollars), I’ll still be around and we’ll still be BFFs, just like always. I’ll still tell you how painfully cute or irritating my kids are, and you can beg to differ because YOURS ARE. And we’ll laugh about that and drink cybercoffee (and wine after 7 p.m., or after the kids are in bed, whichever comes first).
But you’d better believe I’ll still enjoy KWTN for its ball-busting page one stories, Bitchin’ Paradise, Gayfly, Key West Reactor, and Matt Gardi.
With my newly rearranged schedule I’ll be working on other projects, including a rewrite of a middle grade manuscript (that means it’s for middle graders, not a novel of average quality). And listen, I’m THIS CLOSE to finding representation for it. THIS CLOSE. I can feel it in my bones. So you’ll hear a lot about that, poor things. Especially if it takes years instead of months. You may as well just start that novel you’ve been meaning to write and join me in the painful journey to publication. Come on–it’ll be fun! And also torture!
And if the traditional publishing route isn’t in the cards for me, I’ll figure something else out. I always have a backup plan. And a backup for the backup. I’m tenacious, if nothing else.
Feel free to share your own triumphs and tragedies with me (writing or otherwise) here, or at RhondaSaunders@gmail.com (my KWTN email address is no longer valid).

9 responses to “Like my old column, but not

  1. A.B. says:

    I’m IN. The blog is also now on my “favorites list.” I believe this makes makes me your first groupie. Which ALSO means I am the newly elected first President of the Fan Club. So folks, please forward all checks for Rhonda directly to me.

  2. Todd German says:

    Move over A.B. you are a newcomer to the Rhonda fan club. I was here first!

  3. Kathleen Garcia -Zavala says:

    Very insiteful and impressed. Rhonda I will follow and back you 120%. Your small town friend.

  4. David L says:

    Looking forward to some good reads……

  5. Rick Boettger says:

    Yay–Found you! Loved sharing page 10 with you for 2 years. Now look forward to keeping up with you this way.

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