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Fangirl Files: Michele Jaffe

on January 22, 2014

I was talking to The Real Michele Jaffe at a party last week (I just really wanted to say that. I could end this whole thing right now and will have accomplished what I set out to do here).

So anyway, I was talking to the genuinely kind and hilarious and smart Michele Jaffe at a party–the kind of party where you get introduced to James Gleick as “Jim”–and Michele said, directly to me, “Your glasses are so cute!” (Meg Cabot said the same thing that night. I know you don’t believe me but it’s true. I swear to all the gods it’s true.)

Naturally, I deflected the compliment and said, “Oh, these glasses? [No, the ones in your drawer at home, genius.] The, the, the wood is faux.” Which was so stupid, but that’s what nerves do to me when I’m dressed in Janet Reno’s evening wear at a Key West Literary Seminar party to which a bunch of very talented and famous writers from all over the literary-commercial spectrum are invited, along with a couple of townie writers like me (for the explicit purpose of adding some endearing awkwardness to the mix).

Let me put it to you this way: If you’re a country music fan, and I’m not saying I am, it would be like learning a few guitar chords then getting invited to a party at Jason Aldean’s house and chatting up Luke Bryan while eavesdropping on Garth Brooks, Clint Black, and Travis Tritt reminiscing about the old days.

Believe me when I tell you I’m showing incredible restraint by only dropping one (okay, three, if you count Jim. Four if you count Elizabeth George–TBDropped in the next paragraph) names from this party, which occurred at a place you wouldn’t believe I was NO MATTER WHAT SO DON’T EVEN ASK ME BECAUSE I WON’T TELL YOU.

But back to MICHELE AND ME. It wasn’t going so well at first, and then something magical happened. The Real Michele Jaffe spilled her drink (water) on my shoe. Just a little bit. A few drops at best. But it was a great equalizer, because after that we were almost practically BFFs if you think about it from a certain angle, until she had to break away to go talk to The Real Elizabeth George, mystery novelist to the stars.


I’m never going to wash my shoe again. Or for the first time. Ever.

And I’m also going to buy Michele’s new YA book, MINDERS, very soon. Check it out with me. If YA isn’t your thing (it is, you just might not know it yet), she’s got plenty else to choose from: MICHELE JAFFE, AUTHOR.

You can also check out the Key West Literary Seminar here: COME TO THE KEY WEST LITERARY SEMINAR

Oh fine. Enough with the begging already. Enough! Here are a couple of pictures from that night. Sadly, none with my new homegurl:

Billy Collins, The Real Rhonda, Michael Mewshaw

Billy Collins, The Real Rhonda, Michael Mewshaw

If you don't know who this is, we probably shouldn't be friends any longer.

If you don’t know who this is, we probably shouldn’t be friends any longer.

6 responses to “Fangirl Files: Michele Jaffe

  1. AGH!!! Is that The Real Judy Blume!?!?!? What did she spill on you? Tell me everything!

  2. Emily says:

    Your excitement is So. Freaking. Cute! 🙂
    I totally embarrassed myself when I met one of my favourite writers last year. I blabbed on and on at a signing. I was all like “I’m a writer too. Not at your level, of course, but I try, you know. I dabble. But you are just like WOW, you know? I mean, all of your words are just so so so [blank stare/awkward silence]. Your glasses are rad, by the way. Did I already tell you that? And so anyways…”

    • Hehe! Thanks.

      BTW, I’m beyond bummed you won’t be at the retreat. But we will make this meeting happen, and it needs to be BEFORE the Hollywood premier of the movie based on your book.

      • Emily says:

        Ha ha. Yeah, that’ll definitely be when we meet. 😉 I actually think it’ll be when you get a book deal/merchandising deal/clothing line.

        I’m bummed too, but I’ll in be Ottawa meeting my first-ever niece! So exciting! But my sister really has terrible timing.

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