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My eyes could be better, but my mom couldn’t

on November 30, 2015

I first got glasses in fifth or sixth grade, but immediately stopped wearing them after somebody called me cyclops because they made my eyes appear to blend together. Fast forward several decades and my vision is extra crappy, with some newer weird and annoying issues that make seeing stuff difficult. Even with my glasses on, for example, I can only read paper-paged books for about 45 minutes, and only if I’m in bright, natural light. This makes me sad because reading paper-paged books makes me happy.

I’ve wanted eye surgery for a long time, but just found out I waited too long and now it’s too late. Now I’ll have to forget about that visually barrier-free cliff diving adventure in Greece. And base jumping off The Eiffel Tower is also now out of the realm of possibility because I just don’t trust those safe-for-base-jumping-while-visually-impaired goggle thingies. Really though, I’d have settled for reading a paper-paged book in bed by lamplight (I dreamed of that. Literally, I did.) Or maybe seeing what goes on during a shower.

The moral of the story is two-fold. First–and this is really important–you should feel very sorry for me, like I do. Second, don’t put off shit that’s important to you, even if it isn’t life-threatening. Parents who say they’ll pay better attention to themselves once the kids are older, I’m looking at you.

On the bright side, my mom just gave me the big corner bookcase from my childhood bedroom. It’s old and a little grody (aren’t we all?) and I love it a lot. I’m going to put it right next to a window and fill it up with paper-paged books, which I will continue to enjoy reading in 45-minute stints, sunlight permitting. And someday, some way, I’ll put my own books on it.


My mom has impeccable timing, right? I think she did this on purpose. She’s one of those types.

14 responses to “My eyes could be better, but my mom couldn’t

  1. Richard Niedzwiecki says:

    When your first book sells you’ll have to let MOM put the first book in your newly acquired bookshelf. She would definitely be excited for that privilege. Being that bookcase got a little wet in transport I think you should wipe it down today with some furniture polish. Just an idea

  2. Bill T says:

    What a drag it is getting old.

  3. Gmail says:

    Sweet article…some of the time I think you read my mind. I didn’t say much when you told me about your eyes I felt speechless. I am so sorry because reading and writing are your passion next to your beautiful family. I love you so much and would gladly give you my eyes if I could. I’m so proud of you. Love Mom

    Sent from my iPad


  4. emsaso says:

    “Or maybe seeing what goes on during a shower.” So very very funny. 🙂

  5. Candace says:

    I would be lost without reading..Nothing beats the feel of those pages…I’m Auburn Library’s best customer…next to my older sisters, that is!!! Great read as always!!!

  6. Jodi McKay says:

    Great message, Rhonda! I have to say I’m a bit envious of your ability to not see stuff in the shower. I need that.

  7. Kathleen says:

    For years everyone just passed me off as a goof ball or lazy when it came to school..Years went by at the Holy Hell School with out anyone figuring out I suffered with not only ADD but dyslexia..Everyone did their work while I couldn’t focus..Did those stupid ass SRAs..while I struggled..After years and endless hours of help through high school..I enjoy reading books more then ever..Graduated and managed to get my Associates Degree..Always loved My Bookworm Friend but jealous of the fact you could whip through a book and write the best book reports..I love your style and also rock The Sexy Specs..Keep writing because you inspire Me

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