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My tech fear is not my kid’s problem

This morning my unschooled 7-year-old said, beaming with confidence, “I’m almost just like dad when I solve my own computer problems!” This is why I try not to let my own fears, biases, and ignorance about technology hinder his experiences and desires. He’s very naturally preparing himself for the world he’ll live in as an adult. He’s creating his own future. He spends hours and hours (and hours) online, creating alliances, working, playing, and problem-solving with kids from around the world. And yes, he loves collecting sticks and rocks, too. So far, he also loves going to art classes. But gaming and technology, right now, are his biggest passions.

And when the jobs below are the first five that come up with a quick search of telecommute careers (so, complete comfort and competence with technology is required) I feel even better about it. Technology does not negate nature, or art, or morality, or whatever else we’re afraid of losing. It’s not an either-or proposition and it’s probably unhealthy to give our kids the message that it is. The jobs many of our kids will have don’t even exist yet—we hear that all the time but we seem afraid to make significant changes in our approach to education (and childhood, on the whole). Why?

DIGITAL CAMPAIGNS MANANGER: Will create and implement digital campaigns and work to identify strategic online opportunities. Must have at least five years of experience in online campaigning and knowledge of U.S. energy politics. HTML and CSS skills.

SENIOR USER RESEARCHER: Platform Media company seeking full-time senior user researcher to devise usability tests and studies that will provide information for effective product planning. Must be highly experienced in research studies and testing. Telecommute.

SENIOR ACTUARIAL CONSULTANT: Will build reporting tools and SAS models that support pharmacy analytics and data on a full-time basis. Must have skills in SQL and SAS. Requires and least two years of experience with database queries.

ANALYTICS ENGINEER: Prior work experience with analysis of process data and time-history required. Strong creative and communication skills required.

FINANCIAL AND BUSINESS SYSTEMS ANALYST: Assist with developing chargeback models, perform analysis of program costs and interacts with senior management about matters with functional areas. Ten years related job experience required.

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