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Cute dog pic for voter attention.

First, look at this photo of Charlii (aka Chaardvark, Charleston Chumpwax Chew, Snuggabuggabeaglebreath, and so, so many others). If you don’t think this dog is possibly the cutest thing you have ever seen, don’t bother reading the rest of this because you and I will never agree on anything.  

Snuggabuggabeaglebreath wants you to plug your nose and vote blue this time.

Second, I’m not surprised to learn that so many moderate Republicans are generally okay with the Biden-Harris ticket.

As it was four years ago when we were in a similar situation with different player names, the real work may be bringing what we’re calling the Next Left to the polls/mailbox. If you think we’ll be fine because your creepy uncle picked a Black female running mate, you may be underestimating the influence of young, smart, progressive, now-seasoned activists (see 2016 re: shaming as a strategy).

Like, ask the Next Left in Chicago what they think of their Black, female, lesbian (lesbian even!) mayor’s approach to crime (but mostly “crime”) and poverty in the predominantly minority communities who needed her to bring change the most. What I hear the Next Left saying is, “HELL YES to more demographically varied politicians, AND we demand representation and accountability in government in ways that more meaningfully bring the change we voted for.” Maybe think of them as Generation Yes, And. That’s a little dumb, but you get me.

Anyway, I’m here to say how much I love that these party-skeptical, fiercely ethical, (mostly) young people are the future. But I hope and beg that enough of them will plug their noses to vote bluish this time. Hitting rock bottom has been the wake-up call some had hoped for (but for which so many more have suffered).

And we’re starting to see that precious new growth reaching up from beneath the ashes (honk if you love mixed metaphors) because YOU are out there, still marching, still protesting, still mad asf, still three months behind on rent. I get it. God, I do, as best I can as who I am. But listen, we can’t be set back an additional 100 years by a second term with a morally bankrupt, untreated sociopath who has our nuclear codes. That’s not progressive. That’s not progress by any measure.

You’re doing all this much harder work at the (arguably more important in normal times) local and state levels. So let’s suck it up and do what our hearts know is right at every level in November, either for its own sake or in hopes the universe will look kindly on us and send us all back next time as adorable puppies who know only love.

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