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About R.L. Saunders

Several years ago, I quit my job teaching English at a university in the Midwest, sold my house and all my stuff, and moved to the island of Key West, Florida. It had been a secret dream of mine since I was a kid spending lots of time on the island to visit my dad (also a misfit, also thought he could run away from real life, also didn’t care when he learned real life follows us everywhere).

I spent a couple of years teaching, then had a boat load of fun as associate editor, advocacy journalist, and columnist for one of the island’s newspapers. Now I write middle grade and YA fiction, mostly, and travel between Key West and a cozy cabin in the woods in Michigan’s pinky finger.

I have a whole bunch of interesting kids, one interesting husband, and zero interesting pets since the devastating death of Hamster Gloria Steinem.

My work is represented by Linda P. Epstein at Emerald City Literary Agency

tweeting @rl_saunders


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